Appointment Reminders via Text Messaging


Nationally, more than nine million VA health care appointments are unutilized each year due to

missed appointments. The Veterans Health Administration has identified an enterprise-wide

solution to remind Veterans of upcoming appointments via text messaging.


What is VEText? An automated interactive text message system to remind Veterans of

upcoming appointments and allows responses for confirmation and cancellation in response to

that reminder. This program aims to inform Veterans with mobile phone numbers on file.


Why is VA introducing VEText?

·         Proven to decrease “No-Show” rates and missed opportunities.

·         Allows Vets a convenient cancellation option if desired

·         Reminds Vets of appointments 

·         Allows a download of appointment reminder to a calendar file


Veterans with a phone number (cell and/or home) on file will receive a text message reminder for

most VA appointments one-to-two days prior to a scheduled appointment. Veterans will be able

to confirm or cancel the appointment by responding to the text message.


Private health information will not be included in text messages. Standard text messaging rates

will apply. Veterans who do not wish to receive text messages will have the ability to opt out of

future messages after receiving the initial text message.  


Personal and/or automated phone calls will still be made to remind patients of appointments. The

text message will serve as an additional reminder.